Intimacy in A Shade of Indigo - Indigo Girls Concert Hall
The air in the concert hall was filled with a palpable sense of anticipation. Local folk duo 53A - with their on-stage banter and folk-pop, feel-good acoustic numbers - had just finished their four-song set, and the crowd was practically bursting at the seams with excitement.

All that came to a head the moment folk-rock duo Indigo Girls, consisting of childhood friends Amy Ray and Emily Sailers, walked onstage. The crowd leapt to their feet-and the Girls certainly didn't disappoint.

Sailers and Ray performed with an energy that defied the seeming simplicity of their set-up. Two women, armed with nothing but their guitars, managed to rock the audience out with brilliantly arranged music and razor sharp lyrics. Whether it was the "Southern love song" Three County Highway or the biting political satire of Pendulum Swinger, the Girls commanded the audience's attention with a riveting and unrivaled performance.

By the time they closed their set with the guaranteed crowd-pleaser Galileo, there wasn't a single person left seated. It was a resounding standing ovation - and the Girls deserved every bit of it.

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7:00pm: Best known in singer-songwriter circles and jazz clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Mia Palencia graced the stage with her show-stopping confidence and charm, joking with an initially reticent crowd, which, after a very short while, warmed up to that sassy, but oh-so-cool voice and those whip-smart lyrics of hers.

9:50pm: Filipino singer-songwriter extraordinaire Julianne wasted no time in getting up close and personal with her audience, chatting them up like they were old friends and wowing them with her witty words and cleverly crafted folk-rock sound. This was a gem of a performance and one that the crowd certainly wanted more of.

Things They Said
"We’re quite jet-lagged, but that can be a good feeling sometimes."
- Emily Saliers
"You guys got those monkeys that just hang around and that's crazy to us!"
- Amy Ray, talking about the Singapore Zoo
"I loved it. They came into my life at a very vulnerable time, so they have a very special place in my heart. I'm a mother of three and I left the kids at home with my hubby just to see them here tonight!"
- Paulyn, housewife (on the Indigo Girls)
"It was awesome. It would've been even better if people started dancing during the earlier songs, but I guess that's just the Singaporean way."
- Steven, environmental activist (on the Indigo Girls)
"I don't know about you guys in Singapore, but in Malaysia, if you listen to a good song, you bob your head."
- Mia Palencia, getting the crowd moving
"Are you Filipino? Do you want to be?"
- Julianne, interacting with her audience
"That was great. I checked her out online and came all the way from KL just to see her. It was worth all my travel money!"
- Uzair, producer (on Mia Palencia)
"A very powerful, classy performance."
- Ronald, swimming instructor (on Julianne)
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